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  • Most musicians think that if they make good music, shop it around enough and perform live regularly, sooner or later some record label executive will realize how talented they are and offer up a contract. I know that is how I thought it worked for most of my early career. In fact I spent thousands of dollars and a nearly inconceivable amount of time and energy touring and performing with the hope that one day, lightening would strike and the right person would be there in the audience, hear my music, and whisk me off to some record label boardroom.

    In reality I worked my butt off for almost a decade until the hard worked paid off in the form of finding the right people. Most notably, my manager David Christensen.

    Dave taught me that getting a record deal was not about sending demo tapes to everyone who would listen, but rather that an artist needed to create a buzz within a very tight nit fraternity of industry insiders. It was the old catch 22 in which no one wanted you until everyone else wanted you. However this was not as difficult to manufacture as you might imagine.

    It came down to a few basic things...
    1. Creating a story.
    2. Pulling the trigger at the right time and going after key industry players first.
    3. Leveraging the interest you created to generate even more interest.

    Well, long story short, the strategy worked and it worked very well. In just a few months we had created one of the biggest bidding wars in the history of the music business. Things went absolutely "nuclear". I met with nearly every president of every major label, I was flown from LA to New York several times, I even got taken to see the Rolling Stones by the president and CEO of Interscope as part of the courting process. It was every musicians dream come true.

    I have decided to take that experience and turn it into a 9 part audio course in which I will share with you the entire process I went through which took me from rejection letters to a 7 figure recording contract.

    In the recording I am joined by my manager David Christensen who was truly the mastermind behind my record deal as well as a number of others both before and after my signing.

    Whether you are 14 or 40, experienced or just starting out, if you are serious about getting signed in the new music business, this 9 part audio lesson will teach you everything you need to know in order to set yourself up for success.

    Getting Signed in the New Music
                                BusinessYou may or may not know that record deals have changed a lot over the last decade. But it wasn't so long ago that "getting signed" could make an unknown artist rich and poised for stardom almost overnight. In this lesson we discuss the good old days of the recording industry; what kind of deals used to go down and how and why things have changed.

    Getting Signed in the New Music
                                BusinessThe record deal has transformed tremendously over the last decade. The very business models that fueled the industry over the last century have crumbled and labels are gradually finding new ways to survive. In Lesson 3 we discuss the current state of affairs in the record industry. You'll learn how the recording industry has changed and how that change will effect you.

    Getting Signed in the New Music
                                BusinessBelieve it or not, it is still part of the annals of music business history that yours truly, once landing one of the largest new artist recording deals in music history. Dave Christensen was the guy who helped make it happen. In this lesson we discuss all the nitty-gritty details of how the deal went down. Gotta love music industry war stories.

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    Getting Signed in the New Music
                                BusinessWhile the days of the multimillion dollar record deal for an unproven artist may have gone the way of the dinosaur, that doesn't mean that there aren't opportunities out there. But as the recording industry has changed, so too have the kinds of deals that are available today. Dave and I discuss the kinds of deals that you might be looking at should you be offered a contract by a major record label.

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    Go on to the kitchen, Luci, and make a pot of tea for these good ladies. Now he returned, still with self-conscious dignity, to his desk and lowered himself onto his imposing chair. But I'll be around the area a while, and you can contact me through any Service center. She speaks forthrightly and with great clarity, as though communicating over a noisy two-way radio. I don't like this line a bit, chief, Kinnison told the admiral then.

    Getting Signed in the New Music
                                BusinessDuring my career I have received rejection letters for the very same song that became a radio sensation years later. the only difference was the recording. The right recording can be the difference between getting a meeting or getting the cold shoulder. In this lesson we'll discuss what kind of recordings the average A&R rep is looking for. Dave should know, he is the former VP of A&R at London Sire Records.

    Getting Signed in the New Music
                                BusinessSo you've got the goods and now you want to get yourself some meetings lined up. In this lesson we'll discuss the best way to actually approach the industry. This was probably the biggest surprise to me in my own career. Getting the attach of A&R reps as not as simple as sending out a demo tape. Find out the little known strategy we used to get the attention of the execs.

    Getting Signed in the New Music
                                BusinessA label can be a great thing to have behind you, but going the indie route has it's advantages as well, now more than ever. In this lesson we discuss the pros and cons of going DIY vs trying to land a major label recording contract the old school way. Shooting for the moon is great, but having a solid game plan as an indie artist is essential. Get the real scoop from two people who have done it both ways.

    Getting Signed in the New Music
                                BusinessIn Audio lesson 9 we discuss the best way to take things to the next level. Dave and I will share the projects we are working on now and tell you how you can contact us should you need any assistance with your careers, whether you are going Indie or looking to land that ever illusive record deal.

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  • I'm Going To Spare You A Bunch Of Bulls@*t.

    My Promise To You...

    Ordering Is Safe, Easy And Secure!

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    Before I go, I simply want to say that I have been playing music for a over 20 years. I've been there and done that when it comes to just about every aspect of the music business. I know what it's like to dream of getting a record deal but to feel like you are up against impossible odds. It's no fun and it shouldn't have to be that way. With the techniques outlined in Getting Signed in the New Music Business, It doesn't have to. If you listen to and apply the strategies in this course, I sincerely believe way ahead of the average musician when it comes to landing the ever ilusive recording contract. No matter who you are, how old you are, what you look like, and no matter what you have experienced in the past.

    While the music business can be daunting and at times appear to be filled with obstacles impossible to overcome, I'm here to tell you first hand that anyone CAN succeed. All you need to do is arm yourself with a little knowledge and take action.

    Now go kick ass!

    John Oszajca
    Musician and Author
    Music Marketing Manifesto